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Roni Noueihed

Roni Noueihed

I’m a serial entrepreneur. My journey began during my time as a Junior at UAH, where I participated in the Boeing Business Challenge. Through this competition, I successfully designed a product and created a prototype for commercialization, ultimately earning second place among a hundred other entrepreneurial participants.

Upon completing my studies, I returned to Lebanon and founded a logistics company, overseeing a team of nearly 30 drivers. Through strategic partnerships with major distributors, I expanded my company’s reach beyond domestic borders and began to offer international shipping services. Alongside logistics, I also nurtured a keen interest in marketing and co-founded a marketing agency focused on supporting small, local businesses in Lebanon.

After selling both companies and having already planted a seed in Huntsville after graduating from UAH, I decided to come back and co-found Meister to solve a problem that we saw in the Huntsville market:

A lack of design expertise and a lack of talent!

I’m also pursuing an MS in Analytics at UAH. When I’m not at the office or in class, I’m either at the gym or watching new movies on Netflix.

He who thinks he can and he who thinks he can't
are both usually right.